Electric Pallet Truck Product Features
1, using an electric hydraulic pump lift, using electronic control (chopper) or electrically controlled resistive made traveling speed of adjustment.
2, there is a pedal and a variety of specifications without a pedal.
3, driving motor installation methods are two kinds of vertical and horizontal motor.
4, with respect to imports of electric cars, domestic electric cars generally do not have power steering system. Most imported electric cars have been installed power steering system.
5, electric cars suitable for heavy and long cargo transport can greatly improve the efficiency of cargo handling.
6, the machine is ultra-thin body design, CVT, especially small turning radius, body strong, light and flexible action, no noise, no pollution, long working hours on a single charge, reliable, widely used in logistics, warehouse, factory , hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, railway stations airports and so on.
Car with crane arm crane arm rollover accident
Car accidents are the most common crane overturned and folding arm accidents, rollover accidents are the main cause of the loss of stability of the crane .longLoss of stability reasons: hoist overload , supporting injustice, inertial force , centrifugal force , wind , etc. ; folding arm accident is due to excessive boom elevation plus the force of inertia , boom fall due. To reduce the recurrence of similar incidents , we must standardize auto crane operation behavior , to ensure safe and correct 1 rollover accident Such kind of incidents in the mobile construction crane occupies a very high proportion of the automobile accident was one of the most common crane . Crane tipping mostly due to improper crane operation front support , such as uneven or soft ground , legs or under the tracks without laying special skids or circuit board ( steel ) ; crane outrigger although not fully extended or fully extended but four two legs are not fully supported , the crane upon the original performance table use ; boom beyond the job sector area ; driving high-speed cornering ; crane torque limiter safety device failure , super torque caused by lifting heavy objects and so easy to pour turn 2 folding arm accident On the jib crane , jib design is unreasonable because , manufacturing assembly defects, as well as long-term use existing fatigue problems, if overmoment lifting ( mainly ultra- amplitude ) or, for the crane boom luffing boom stopper failure of the over- roll, and so easy to create or hoist tipping off ( off ) arm . Severely deformed arm folding arm accident is caused by one of the important reasons
There are two common forms of winch brake
Crane safety hazards caused by defective brakes Author : China Crane News 2012-12-23 19:57 Brake does not work , but also lifting mechanism or the occurrence of slip hook Zhidongshiling common cause . Hoisting winch brake friction pair due to some pressure and relative velocity . One , cause analysis longTherefore, in the course will gradually wear, especially in the transition process and release the brake wear faster. Brake springs also with the use of time , its elasticity gradually weakened, individual spring fatigue fracture may also occur , these factors will lead to a decline in braking force , and even the loss of stopping power. Braking and driving mechanism motion by card also lead to degradation or loss of braking force braking force . The slight decline in the general braking force can be adjusted by bolts to be restored. When the system is due to special causes back to the oil pressure is too large , it will automatically open and cause the brake slide the hook . longThere are two common forms of winch brake , one is the built-in multi -piece ; the other is outside the holding belt . If the built-in multi-disc brakes, should immediate dismantling , check the brake steel and brake lining wear is more than using the limit, if there is serious damage ; Check the brake springs for damage or fatigue fracture. If the above problem, you must replace the damaged parts before troubleshooting. For external brake band brake , brake pads and timely check whether there is oil , the connection point is reliable, brake pad wear condition, adjust the braking mechanism is normal and so on. Second, check the troubleshooting One would clean the brake pads oil (2) The connection point sprayed lubricant for lubrication, so that each point can be freely 3 Inspection brake pad wear condition 4 Adjust the brake according to the technical requirements Repair using the above method , which can solve the problem of the hook slide .
related to the safety of the crane, affecting mast axial force
Herringbone pull rod is normally provided by two logs or two steel wire rope lashing or iron pieces hinged together. The advantage is that the lateral stability than the one-man pull rod is good, the use of a small number of wind cable rope, but the component after lifting a small range of activities. Herringbone pull rod bottom with rod or rope to balance the horizontal thrust, two angle is generally about 30 lu. Herringbone pull lever pull lever forward tilt when lifting, there are two wind cable in the back rope. To ensure that when lifting the bottom of the pull rod firmly, pull the lever in a bottom mounted a guide pulley, lifting cable connected to the winch through it, and then the other on a rope connected to the anchor. Roundwood herringbone pull rods, from the weight of 40 ~ 140kN, pull rod length 6 ~ 13m, roundwood small diameter 200 ~ 340mm; steel herringbone pull rods, from the weight of 100kN, pull rod length 20m, pipe diameter 273mm, wall thickness 10mm; starting weight 200kN, pull rod length 16.7m, pipe diameter 325mm, thickness 10mm. (Three) cantilever pull rod Pull lever arm pull rod in the middle-man or 2/3 of the height of the boom from a device. It is characterized by a lifting height and lifting larger radius, boom swing angle is also large. But this crane lifting capacity is small, light elements used for lifting. Boom can be mounted on the derrick, derrick pulling a lever. Edit this paragraph mast crane is required to use non-standard cranes, generally used by the site constraints, the other can not be lifting cranes occasions. (A) the basic structure of the mast crane and classification Mast crane structures: the mast body, lifting systems, stability systems, power systems Mast Body: mast base and accessories. Mast form of the structure is divided into lattice and solid abdominal (usually steel) cranes. Lifting system consists of pulleys, steering wheel and rope and other components. Stabilization system including wind cable ropes, anchors, etc. Power system is mainly electric winch, there are hydraulic devices. (Two) wind cable rope pull rope wind calculation and the choice of cable Wind cable wire is mast crane stability system, related to the safety of the crane, affecting mast axial force. Wind cable rope pull into the work force and the initial tension.