The difference between the all-electric cars and hand pallet trucks are
Hand pallet truck configurations in accordance with their appearance can be divided into hand pallet trucks, high lift scissor truck scales and electronic transport vehicles. Hand Pallet Truck has a large carrying capacity, is one of the heavy lifting for a short distance tool is the ability to drive the hydraulic system to achieve cargo lifting and lowering, pulling completed by human handling operations.
The first is the difference between the power systems: hand pallet trucks are transporting goods by human lifting, all electric cars as the name suggests power system is overweight by motor power handling;
Followed by driving the different technical requirements: hand pallet trucks can operate basically the general staff. All-electric cars was equipped with professional drivers;
Once again, different performance and price: high performance all-electric cars on efficiency, operational flexibility, handling speed. All-electric cars is much higher than the price of hand pallet trucks.
Joint venture brands : Wei Shihai , wishful , Connaught
To the above aspects of comprehensive assessment, to choose the most reasonable option. Second, the brand choice At present the domestic market forklift brands, from domestic to imported dozens . Domestic brands: force, Hangzhou , Dalian, whales , Hunan, forklifts, Tailift , Jingjiang, Liugong , good power , Jingjiang Baoli , Tianjin forklift, Luoyang, a drag, the force Heavy Industries, Yuchai forklifts, Hefei move ETS Hunan Heng ability. Imported brands: Linde ( Germany ) , Hester ( USA ) , Toyota ( Japan ) , Jungheinrich ( Germany ), BT ( Sweden ) , Komatsu ( Japan ), TCM ( Japan ) , power to the superior ( Japan ) , Nissan ( Japan ) , Hyundai ( South Korea ) , Doosan Daewoo ( Korea ) , Crown ( USA ), OM ( Italy ), OPK ( Japan ) , Nissan ( Japan ) , Mitsubishi ( Japan ) and so on. Joint venture brands : Wei Shihai , wishful , Connaught . Initially identified as the first few brands to consider the scope , and then comprehensive assessment . In the primary stage , generally the following aspects as the primary criteria: 1 , product quality and brand reputation ; 2 , the brand's after-sales support capabilities, whether in business or near the location of service outlets ; 3 , the company has with the brand 's product quality and service ; 4 , the choice of brand positioning needs to be consistent with the enterprise . After the primaries is completed, a comprehensive assessment of each brand including brand , product quality , price and service capabilities.
in order to establish a nationwide network of professional services
Many enterprises in the choice of brands , there is a certain misunderstanding : If forklifts are imported brands , the quality is about the same , the price should be close. In fact, this is a common-sense errors , just like cars, imported brands of cars a lot, the price gap between different brands is very large, and of course there are differences in performance . In addition , the forklift is an industrial equipment , the maximum guarantee the normal operation of the enterprise goals , downtime means loss So choose a service guaranteed brand is crucial. China 's truck market is very large , so it attracts a lot of foreign brands forklift suppliers , but China 's vast territory , in order to establish a nationwide network of professional services , there is no certain amount of time is difficult to achieve . In the overall assessment , many enterprises due to technical expertise and the truck did not understand , and often the quality of products can not make a reasonable judgment . In general, high-quality truck and its superior performance is often reflected in the high efficiency, low cost , high reliability, good ergonomic design and convenient services , and many other aspects .
more than 2m from the ground pouring concrete
Jobs people are not up and down the channel should be prescribed , shall be arbitrarily use the lift frame body and other construction equipment for climbing . in the neighboring state where overhead aerial should have a firm foothold ( eg erection of scaffolding or platforms ) , and depending on the operating conditions set protective railings , put up safety nets , wearing seat belts and other safety measures. steel banding , skeleton operations should install scaffolding erection . Shall be arbitrarily use lifts and other construction equipment rack body climbing . more than 2m from the ground pouring concrete, should be set operating platform, shall not stand in the template or pole operation. the construction should not cross the vertical direction up and down in the same job . Lower operating position , should be in the upper height may fall outside the scope of the radius , when you can not meet the requirements, should set the security protective layer. a variety of demolition work ( such as steel formwork , scaffolding , etc. ) above shall not be removed when the following simultaneous clearing of ; material from the edge of the temporary storage place shall be not less than 1m. building entrances, lifts and other officers to concentrate on the discharge port at the top, Should be set protective shed . Protective shed length of not less than the height of falling objects protective radius requirements.