electric forklift truck Single Column aluminum electric lift
electric forklift truck Single Column aluminum electric lift: This series of products for indoor type, widely used in star hotels, supermarkets and other industries hall, aerial work inside the plant, with a lift balance, easy to operate, can enter the general hall, free access to the elevator and low power consumption, no pollution, not to hurt the ground work, work that can be used against the wall and stuck his job, working without dead ends. Single column aluminum electric lift gantry cross-coupled frame attachment, very suitable for theaters, halls, churches and other maintenance work. The inter-frame gantry assembly easy and effortless operation, mobile and flexible, can span up to 1.1m height fixed seats and other obstacles, and on the steps of a stable job. High strength rectangular steel production, good rigidity and stability. Equipped with casters, flexible. Both ends of the frame span is adjustable, can be applied across different obstacles requirements. Both ends of the frame vertically adjustable, can be used to work on a certain slope of the ramp or stairs.
this ratio and the EU just as upside down
A few years ago forklift industry growth too fast , companies invest and build factories enthusiasm. Even this year , there are some huge investment forklift enterprises upcoming production . This will result in redundant construction industry and domestic and international market disorderly competition . It is reported that currently includes wholly-owned, joint ventures , including a total of more than 100 enterprises engaged in the production truck , of which nearly 50 enterprises engaged in export business of forklifts . Although domestic manufacturing underdeveloped , but has been relatively complete package . Domestic truck industry has formed a relatively mature industrial chain . Enterprises can almost stay at home, will be able to contact all of the supporting plants , assembled a forklift , forklift corporate profits coupled with relatively abundant , three or four years forklift industry continue to emerge a new enterprise , the reason why . the domestic market share of large internal combustion forklifts , warehouse trucks and large trucks is still mainly rely on imports . China's electric vehicle industry sales accounted for 25% of the total number of industrial vehicles , this ratio and the EU just as upside down , even in the United States the electric vehicle industry has reached 53% of all industrial vehicles .
Check the relevant parts of the size and finishing conditions
Deep groove ball bearings are the most representative of rolling bearings , widely used. Suitable for high speed or high speed operation, and very durable, low maintenance costs, long operation cycle , but requires periodic inspection and maintenance professional and technical personnel to ensure the safety of operation , reliability, and quality improve operating cycle . Deep groove ball bearing assembly requires assembly personnel have a higher expertise in the assembly process in the strict implementation of the technical requirements and procedures. Bearing installation is good or not , will affect the accuracy of the bearing life and performance , so please fully research bearing installation , the following operations shall be in accordance with the standards for bearing installation . A cleaning of bearings and related parts ( bearings are already greased and bilateral with seals or dust cover , seals bearing before installation without washing. ) . 2 Check the relevant parts of the size and finishing conditions . Three installation methods bearings should be installed according to the bearing structure , size and bearing components with the nature of the pressure should be directly added to the tight fit was ferrule end face , not pass through the rolling pressure . Bearing installation generally use the following methods: Press-fit : the bearing inner ring and the shaft so that a tight fit , the outer ring and the bearing bore is a more loose fit , use a bearing press will be pressed onto the shaft , and the shaft together with the bearing into the bearing hole , press-fit the bearing inner end surface pad made of a soft metal tube assembly , the bearing outer ring and bearing bore a tight fit , the inner ring and the shaft for the more loose fit , it can be pressed into the bearing housing bore , the outer diameter of the casing assembly time should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the bore if the bearing rings and the shaft and the housing bore is a tight fit , the mounting ring and the outer chamber to simultaneously pressed into the shaft and housing bore , sleeve assembly the structure should be able to simultaneously charge tight end bearing inner and outer rings .
before lifting operations safety technical tests
Truck mounted cranes addition to the provisions for regular maintenance, there should be a regular annual running test, including the rated load, overload test, test its mechanical properties, structural deformation and load capacity, less than the required, you should use load shedding . Crane road checks endurance required to reach the roadbed boxes should be used for bedding measures. various protective measures for lifting materials, scaffolding erection and hazardous working areas and other preparatory work circle meet program requirements. before lifting operations safety technical tests, including lifting techniques, component weight and precautions. overloaded or clear weight of the object should not operate; clear weight of the object should not be overloaded or operations, such as weight lifting or pulling uprooted unclear embedded object, and oblique oblique, such as hanging; ban lifting crooked pulled oblique pull; someone was hanging or floating objects glove prohibited actions; lifting heavy objects should be banding balanced, solid, heavy edges and corners should be added between the liner and the wire rope; lifting shall not pass over from the human, the boom shall not someone; lifting cylinders, etc. must be used exclusively basket.