The more obstacles truck Drum Trucks
The more obstacles truck, mainly used for carrying away the obstacles handling operations across this truck can easily overcome obstacles without harm to the truck and the operation is simple; Drum Trucks hand pallet trucks feature: pump sealed as a whole, the key components using the original German imports, with overload protection, the eradication of the shortcomings of the oil spill, the size of the piston rod chrome plated solid structure, with overload protection, decreased speed control valve with a whole piece, unlike the scattered parts, ease of maintenance, making the car more meet market demand. Moving parts fitted with alloy hub, able to absorb partial load, wear resistance, long life and easy replacement. Nylon roller entering and exiting the roller operator to reduce the force, and to protect the load wheels and forks; Descent Control valve with manual sealed pumps, steel fork performance profiles and structures, rise and fall , three position adjustable handle movement, have joined various activities at the oil.
exports of industrial products accounted vehicle third of all sales
Forklift industrial vehicles of all domestic sales accounted for 75% of total world sales of internal combustion forklifts 21 % . It is noteworthy that although China has occupied the leading internal combustion industrial vehicle market position, but also controls some of the core technology in the hands of foreign companies . Third, exports of industrial products accounted vehicle third of all sales . Consolidated Figures 1 and 2 can be seen, in recent years, exports of industrial vehicles momentum of rapid development , export sales accounted for one-third of all industrial vehicles , individual enterprises accounted for 80 % of export products . Export markets are mainly distributed in the United States , the European Union and Russia. It can be seen from Figure 3 , in July 2008 after the internal combustion forklift truck sales are sluggish, especially in November and December decline was very large. At the same time , the electric vehicle industry is still showing steady growth trend.
It can be said that since the international financial crisis
Electric forklift ( including , type ) export markets more stable, in December 2008 for the first time exceeded internal combustion forklifts However, China's exports of electric industrial vehicles all industrial vehicle exports still account for only 25 %, indicating that the proportion of high-grade truck exports to be improved . Enterprise in Action It can be said that since the international financial crisis, took a different truck companies each with distinct characteristics of response measures to survive, expand sales, enhance their competitive advantage. As the industry 's leading enterprises, Anhui Heli practice marked with a deep imprint with Chinese characteristics . The company's chairman Zhang Jin explained: "In the next two years of operation, based on objective economic environment in order to reduce corporate operating profits in exchange for leading market share increase , it will be safe to adapt to long-term development strategy fork and strategies wise choice . " Zhang Jin told reporters further illustrates the safety fork " inside and outside the echo, walking on two legs "development strategy .
Support single rope grab ropes and opening and closing with a rope with a rope
Grab mechanical structure itself is not configured to open and close, usually driven by a rope or rod force, operating characteristics can be divided by double rope grab and single-rope grab, the most commonly used is the double rope grab. Two rope grab opening and closing of supporting rope rope around the supporting bodies, respectively opening and closing mechanism of the roll. Figure 1 is a double rope grab the working process: a support rope and rope while opening and closing down, open the mouth into the bucket stockpile. b is the tightening of the opening and closing rope grab jaws closed and materials. c is the support rope grab is closed and the opening and closing rope simultaneously rise. d is the support rope does not move, opening and closing abseiling, bucket mouth open and remove the materials. Double rope grab, reliable, easy to operate, high productivity, widely used. Using two sets of double rope after a four rope grab, work processes and the same double rope grab. Support single rope grab ropes and opening and closing with a rope with a rope. The rope through a special locking device for opening and closing alternately supportive role. Grab the single rope winding mechanism is relatively simple, but the production is low, a large number of loading and unloading operations rarely used. Grab crawled under the bulk density of the material is divided into light (such as crawling cereals), medium (such as crawling grit) and heavy (such as crawl iron ore) Class 3; divided by the number of double jaw jaw grab and multi-jaw grab, the most commonly used is a double jaw grab. For the bulk ore, iron and steel scrap, and should adopt more jaw grab, because it has more than claws, sharp cut features, easy to insert stockpile, can get better crawl results. There is also a structural principle of imitation scissors scissor grab, grab it with the force and energy of the closed jaws gradually increases, reaches a maximum in the closed end; their bucket mouth opening and the area of cover material than generally grab for the big, improved ability to crawl, help clean the yard and cabins, but for bulk materials because of its initial gripping force is small, less effective.