Truck handling small tanks Drum mover
Truck, also known as handling small tanks, heavy movement, ground cattle. Mainly used for handling all types of mechanical machines or other heavy objects that can fit the jack, hand destroyed the roof and other lifting tools used together, reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency. Hebei earthworm warehouse handling equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in custom 1.drum mover tons, 2 tons, 3 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons of lengthening or widening of hand pallet trucks.
A door frame chosen heavy steel column, roll forming. Make the frame stronger, more secure, mobile and sensitive, convenient operation.
2, hand pallet trucks cylinder selection of high-precision grinding tubes, imported oil seals, integrated valve, convenient disassemble and repair. Foot method, promotion speed circulation, greatly improving safety.
3, hand pallet trucks chosen leading spray technology, the appearance of progress merchandise and hand pallet trucks added durability.
4, hand pallet trucks is a non-polluting hand pallet trucks, transporting sensitive, sensitive operation, small turning radius.
5, hand pallet trucks are suitable production plant, production workshops, warehousing, railway stations, docks, airports, etc., especially suitable for the needs of the fire and explosion places to use, such as the print shop, a variety of oil storage, chemical warehouses and other places.
6, hand pallet trucks depicted in transit, not only can reduce bump, scratches, etc., but also reduce the workload and stacking direction, greatly improving the work efficiency.
while strengthening business operations the process of risk management and control
As the industry 's leading enterprises, Anhui Heli practice marked with a deep imprint with Chinese characteristics . The company's chairman Zhang Jin explained: "In the next two years of operation, based on objective economic environment in order to reduce corporate operating profits in exchange for leading market share increase , it will be safe to adapt to long-term development strategy fork and strategies wise choice . " Zhang Jin told reporters further illustrates the safety fork " inside and outside the echo, walking on two legs "development strategy . Internally: adhere to the " Quality is corporate social responsibility" without wavering . Based on the quality of new products, focusing quality improvement, continued implementation of quality engineering. The company will adhere to the combination of machine and parts , absorbing introduction and combination of independent innovation , give full play to the scale , capital, technology, talent and other advantages, continue to work together to build the brand of industrial clusters. Adhere to strengthen , deepen enterprise management does not relax. By strengthening internal management, control and evaluation efforts to cut costs , and reducing costs , to further strengthen the on-site management, infrastructure management, financial management , performance appraisal management, internal management, to ensure standardized operation of enterprises , improve internal operational efficiency and effectiveness , while strengthening business operations the process of risk management and control , to ensure the healthy and stable development of enterprises .
After running through the transformation in good condition
Urea hydrolysis unit depth fertilizer industry wastewater treatment as a terminal device , the core of a multi-stage pump apparatus hydrolysis , high speed, high temperature , high pressure equipment . Years unstable operation , the urea production is greatly affected. Mainly in the use of the bearing short cycle, the machine vibrations and other faults. After everyone's analysis that its inappropriate use of the bearing model , after hydrolysis pump conscientiously sum up the characteristics of the decision to use deep groove ball bearings, we have developed to determine the future of the bearing the installation and maintenance procedures . strictly enforced. After running through the transformation in good condition, a substantial increase in operating cycle , strong support for our products high and stable yield of urea . At present, China is more optimistic about the demand for bearings , such as automotive , cars , motorcycles, hits, home appliances and office automation machinery hosting industry , water, natural gas , and is currently ending Shanghai World Expo, have confirmed the construction of complete sets of equipment for and engineering equipment have a greater demand . Deep groove ball bearings are widely applied will promote the quality of our equipment has been further improved, a strong impetus to the process of modernization of equipment , as the majority of equipment staff should be a higher sense of responsibility and mission to do their work for the conscientious efforts of China's equipment manufacturing industry
the erection of the mas
Bridge crane within the plant , because the top rail from the roof chord close, plus overhead cranes are larger in size and weight , it is not mechanized lifting . SMEs often use a single mast crane lifting the overall standing , so you can improve efficiency, shorten the construction period and reduce high-altitude operations , the construction procedure is as follows . ( A ) the erection of the mast mast mast height maximum height of the ground to the roof top of the mast to a height less operating space between the roof and the height of the mast sleepers inquiry . Minimum height should meet the needs of lifting height . mast mast position due to be erected in the carts between the two main beam bridge crane center of gravity , the car must be biased , but the mast should deviate from the centerline of plant , shown in Figure 7-8 . Its offset should be based on weight carts , trolleys and trolley weight offset distance determined by calculation . mast mast bottom should be compacted bottom handle , smooth, spread over two sleepers , if necessary, can be added between two sleepers rails or beams, paved area determined by calculating base endurance , ensure that the ground bear mast axial pressure . mast mast erection methods used mobile cranes erect , quick and safe crane beam can also be used stand mast bracket wrench can also be used auxiliary mast vertical mast . Using the crane beam corbel Erecting the mast , to carry on the crane beam corbel force checking to ensure the transverse horizontal component does not exceed the maximum weight within the span of the bridge crane nominal weight and the amount of the sum of a trolley / 20.