Small volume hydraulic device drum handling equipment
Small volume hydraulic device, simple operation, easy to use. Ergonomic handle design, has three functions: lifting, drum handling equipment handling, down. The whole cast cylinders, beautiful appearance, durable, high-quality steel to build, chrome rod internal pressure relief valve provides overload protection, decreased speed control valve with a whole piece, reducing maintenance costs. Workshop cargo handling is a good helper.
long industry chain advantages of scale
Development in the expansion of investment intensity is not reduced , the investment schedule does not relax, seize the current steel production materials prices and other parts of the favorable opportunity , relying on the huge size of the company and the asset-liability ratio lower comparative advantage , ensuring even accelerate investment in construction projects strength and construction progress for the company , " second five" development lay a solid foundation . In the industry is low or even negative growth trend, seize the opportunity to consolidate and expand domestic and foreign markets , increase market share . Play to the enterprise innovation ability, long industry chain advantages of scale , increase in large-tonnage trucks and heavy equipment product sales efforts, develop new profit growth point. Malaise in the equity capital markets relative period, Anhui Heli timely stock holdings , at a lower cost enhanced control of listed companies .
has ball gap large load capacity of deep groove ball bearings
Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, easy to reach compared with other types of high manufacturing precision , so easily into a series of mass production , lower manufacturing costs , the use of extremely common. Select a larger radial clearance axial bearing capacity increases, pure radial force, the contact angle is zero. Axial force, the contact angle is greater than zero. Commonly used stamping Ribbon Cage , machined solid cage, sometimes with nylon frame . Deep groove ball bearings in addition to the basic model , there are a variety of structural variants , such as: Shielded deep groove ball bearings ; Rubber Sealed deep groove ball bearings ; a groove deep groove ball bearings ; has ball gap large load capacity of deep groove ball bearings ; double row deep groove ball bearings , but they all have the following common characteristics : 1 , in the structure of deep groove ball bearings Each ring has a cross-section of about one-third of the circumference of the ball of the continuous groove type raceway It is mainly used to bear radial load , but also bear certain axial to load ; 2 , the bearing radial clearance increases, with the nature of angular contact ball bearings , can withstand both directions alternating axial load ; 4, the structure is simple , low cost , easy to achieve high manufacturing precision ; 5 , the general use of stamping ribbon cage , inner diameter greater than 200mm or high speed bearings , used car solid cage .
chief engineer should be present guidance.
when the (track) Cranes For travel with load, the load should not exceed 70% from the weight allowed, walking roads should be solid flat, heavy crane is the former should be the direction of the weight off the ground no more than 500mm, and should be tied good rope, slow moving; non-load driving long distances. Cranes soft ground is not flat, lifting ban two simultaneous movements. with two or more cranes lifting the same weight, the rope should be kept vertical; each crane lifting, running should be kept synchronized; each station machine heavy machinery to withstand load shall not exceed the rated lifting throughout capability. If not reach the above requirements, should be reduced to 80% of the rated lifting capacity; also be reduced according to actual situation Engineer rated lifting capacity to use. Hanging with time, chief engineer should be present guidance. crane safety device malfunction, failure or incorrect operation when prohibited ill; in the job, is strictly prohibited on transmission parts, moving parts and moving parts house and area to do repair, maintenance, adjustment, etc.; transmission parts should be lubricated Good. there are six or more in the open air winds or heavy rain, snow, fog and other inclement weather, they should stop lifting operations. After rain and snow before the job, you should try hanging, sensitive and reliable confirmation brake before starting work. when the height of the lifting operations or the driver can not clearly see that the job location or signal set signal transfer personnel. Lack of natural light in the open place of work or work at night, they should be provided with sufficient lighting