Grab crane wire rope improvement measures

The structure of 6X19 steel wire rope is right, liftstar drum lifter under the wire rope with the resurrection and grab the balance beam connected to the fixed end (not rotating), wire rope on the drum of the drum rotation (with rising state) move to the web, at this point in the right side (the side groove of the reducer) wire steel wire rope to the middle of the moving process of the screw tightening rope (friction between wire rope and reel), Post lift tables and the left side (side drum groove tail steel wire rope) to move in the rotating rope more loose.
Analysis of causes of grab crane wire rope

1 5T overhead crane with grab, grab four line reactive power structure (i.e., double drum), liftstar hand jack crane in less than 1 months in the installation commissioning, to grab from the wire rope or a root in the roots downward end range of wire breaking phenomenon is serious. In the replacement of the steel wire rope, the use of less than a week, there was the same problem.Through careful observation and analysis, Drum Truck found that the damage of wire rope is left side in the hoisting drum.
Scissor Lift divided into large scissors
Drum Grab Scissor Lift divided into large scissors (Combo), small scissors (single shear) Lift, Slim Series lift, small scissors lift is mainly used in automotive repair and maintenance convenience, safety, operation . After Trench level with the ground. Pouring more large scissors lift, wheel alignment is with the best equipment, and can be used as car repair, tires, chassis overhaul with. Trench can also be mounted directly on the ground. Slim Series Scissor Lift without trenching, applies to any repair shop, there are not suitable for installation on the floor two post lift as well as ordinary poster lift, but the machine in contact with the floor wide, so you can install the You can drive any floor above, resolve customer site problems. Such a machine is the future mainstream products, foreign large-scale use of this class of products.
In the old truck companies continue to strive to become bigger and stronger
"External : adhere to the" two legs " , both domestic and international markets , to avoid market fluctuations, and through the full, the whole process , to ensure full implementation of sales and consolidate our domestic industry leading position , expanding the international market share. strengthen market research and industry analysis efforts, seize the economic development cycle in the doldrums, the timing of the operational difficulties of SMEs , through mergers and acquisitions , restructurings and joint ventures such as the right way of low-cost expansion , related equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate expansion. seize the country to promote opportunity to expand exports and domestic demand , and actively seek funds to support programs and policies for enterprise development to create a favorable external environment . In the old truck companies continue to strive to become bigger and stronger , when the forklift industry new entrants also strive to expand the scale and market share. As a global engineering machinery 50 , the world's largest manufacturer of wheel loaders , one began to develop Lonking Forklift products. Long Engineering Group Chairman Li San Yim confidently said: "Last year we sold the truck is 2000 , and strive to double sales this year ." Lonking forklift for its price and quality advantages in the industry has been a great concern .