Drum Crane then the chain is like a human heart
If people hailed down the chain, then the chain is like a human heart, no it will not work down the chain, so the chain is one of the very important parts chain hoists. Sprocket maintenance more important, the following is a sprocket maintenance, and should pay attention to:Down the chain sprocket is in use should be in a horizontal plane around the phenomenon of high and low ranges, or can not, must not appear.
To laxity between the sprocket and the chain run-good, specific Drum Crane reference to the relevant standards to operate. From the middle of the chain lift or pressure, the two sprocket center distance should be about 2%. Sprocket or chain wear serious as given to the timely replacement. Best supporting replacement purchase. New chain and chain not mix old and prone to chain scission phenomena. At work, filling oil deal with the chain in order to reduce the wear of the chain and improve work efficiency.
When forklift nominal weight refers to the distance
Rated lifting weight: When forklift nominal weight refers to the distance between the center of gravity fork front wall of the cargo is not greater than the load center distance,Drum Crane allowing maximum weight rose from goods to t (t), said. When the center of gravity of the cargo on the forks beyond the time specified load center distance, due to the longitudinal stability of the forklift, lifting weight should be reduced accordingly. the maximum lifting speed: Forklift maximum lifting speed usually refers to the forklift loaded with cargo lifting the maximum speed in m / min (m / min), said. Increase the maximum lifting speed can improve operational efficiency, but lifting too fast, prone to cargo damage and engine damage accident.
Goodsense continue to expand the plant size
In the field of construction machinery with independent research and manufacturing experience and advanced production and management along with the ability to enter Sunward forklift industry , which has recently been developed to produce a variety of high-performance , high-quality forklifts , and can provide a variety of optional configurations and work equipment , improve the suitability of the product . SWFD series of internal combustion counterbalanced forklift and SWFE series of electric counterbalance trucks is its typical products. Goodsense continue to expand the plant size , increase research and development efforts. By the end of March , Goodsense new factory groundbreaking ceremony was held ; been committed to promoting the development of new product lines Goodsense , will be launched at the end of this year reach truck and stacker and other new products. Of course , during this period there are contrarian to enter the Chinese market, foreign brands forklift . Recently, Mitsubishi Forklift Manufacturing ( Dalian ) Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony. It is reported that the company is Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. in China 's first wholly-owned enterprises , a total investment of $ 49.5 million . The company will be at the end of the first truck production. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is choosing invest and build factories in Dalian , also shows its confidence in the market for Chinese forklift .
Left interactive twist SZ: rope left twist, twist the right stocks
For shares in double abseil rope around the core and then twisted around double rope, good flexibility; but manufacturing is more complex, and the wire is too thin, easy to wear, it is rarely used. Rope wound around and along the cross direction around the two kinds. Wire twisted into stocks and shares around the twisted rope around the same who said to shun around. Shun contact between the wire rope around better, flexibility is also good, long life, but there is a tendency to twist loose, should not be used to enhance the free end of the rope hanging heavy objects can be used as a rigid guide rails for heavy line when upgrading a rope or leash. Wire twisted into stocks and shares around the twisted rope around the wound to the contrary, said post. The rope is not easy to reverse the cross around loose, widely used in the lifting operation. a right-interactive twist ZS: Right rope twist, twist stranding shares left direction of stocks within the wire twist in the opposite direction, said interactive twist b Left interactive twist SZ: rope left twist, twist the right stocks