lifting operations before the formal lifting must Double scissor lift table go through a trial, confirm safe operation before formally lifting operations.
wheeled crane operations required to first lay some legs, wooden legs Xiadian prison, keep the machine level, only one side is not allowed to play half a dozen legs or leg; must be on both sides of the track for crawler cranes in were laid under the circuit board (unless ground solid enough) to increase Double scissor lift table the contact area of the track on the ground, reducing ground pressure. There are differences in the absolute prohibition on both sides of the track. Do not close to the trench, pit, weak shoulder erecting cranes, had close, it must take appropriate security measures to prevent landslides in advance.
lifting operations before the formal lifting must go through a trial, confirm safe operation before formally lifting operations.
Under no circumstances should overload 5 job (with the exception of overloading attachments). In particular the torque limiter is not installed crane, the operator must be in lifting objects accurately ascertain the actual quality of the situation, in order to carry out the lifting operation operation. Crane safety device failure to timely repair
the adjustment of product structure, promote upgrading of products .
of internal combustion forklift trucks , electric forklift trucks , electric ride -style warehouse forklifts, electric forklifts warehouse pedestrian proportion with the EU there is a big gap compared to the U.S. . Forklift enterprises should adjust the product structure , is consistent with the needs of the domestic market , but also in line with international market demand, independent innovation, to find their own business characteristics and reasonable product ratio. In recent years , China's rapid development of internal combustion forklifts , has a place in the domestic market , but mainly because they are inexpensive , low-end products are now largely still is home, the lack of core technology. Succeed in the world of internal combustion forklift truck industry, the real position of absolute dominance , you must have the core technology , to enter the high-end market . Third , keep abreast of domestic and international market trends, timely adjustment of development strategy. As can be seen , the domestic truck market since the end of 2008 after a sharp decline in the current have been picked up , enterprises should firmly grasp the first half of 2009 domestic and international market trends, always adjust the measures , enhance the anti- risk ability . domestic stimulating domestic demand and increase technological input . Some had to rely on the export of forklift enterprises turned the domestic market, will inevitably lead to a new price war, but the blind can not stimulate effective demand price cuts , should promote orderly competition . In the past our forklift mainly exported to USA , European Union and Russia , the future should be actively exploring other areas to add more export regions. enterprises should organize themselves in terms of price and settlement methods to find a more suitable approach.
Hierarchical classification
rope core The main function of the core rope to increase the flexibility and toughness of steel wire rope, wire lubrication, reduce friction, high rope life. Common types include organic fiber cord (such as hemp, cotton), synthetic fibers, asbestos core (high temperatures) or a soft metal and other materials. Hierarchical classification Brief introduction Rope twist around at the level can be divided into single-winding rope, double and triple roping roping. Single-roping By a number of thin wire around a metal core twist from the system, flexibility is poor, easy to wear when bent repeatedly broken, mainly for not exercising taut cable. Dual roping Shares by the twisted steel wire rope core and then surrounded by a twisted rope shares. Common core of hemp rope core, high-temperature operation is appropriate asbestos-core or soft steel wire twisted metal core. Dipping the cord in front rope lubricant, wire each other to reduce the damage caused by friction. Dual flexible rope around better, making simple and most widely used.
Grab crane crane classification according to
Grab crane crane classification according to Divided bridge grab crane, gantry grab cranes, knuckle boom crane grabs. Can be divided into single-girder cranes and double girder grab grab cranes. This crane will be coal, ore and phosphates like unloading cargo from the cargo hold into the funnel, then by conveyor to a storage yard or loading unloading cargo units. Bridge grab crane Bridge grab crane lifting equipment for the bulk material and granular materials only. Conventional bridge grab crane configuration: The cab control, separate cab and closed two kinds. Various organizations to adopt winding-lift motors, resistance speed. Bridge Crane lifting equipment level work: A6, A7, working environment 20 ~ +40 This model is not recommended for explosion-proof, insulation requirements working environment. Bridge Crane lifting equipment available for the user to select other configurations: One, grab the opening and closing direction parallel and perpendicular to the main beam two kinds; 2, from the weight including grab weight; 3, the car with the rain cover, the top surface of the ultimate size of H + h; 4, and the maximum amount of outdoor crane wheel pressure corresponding increase of 5% shall be 5, carts conducting a safety trolley line angles and two forms for selection; 6, the crane has a standard trolley and weighing trolley with two choices; 7, according to need can be equipped with cane grab, junk grab, timber grab, and other types of grippers. 8, grab divided into: single rope grab, double rope grab, electric grab, grab the target set