at the same time counter balance truck hold the same weight of goods
Load center of the same principle applies to electric forklift trucks . Because most electric forklift trucks are all the supporting leg , that is, below the support fork legs . This design can be put forward to extend the vehicle 's fulcrum , at the same time hold the same weight of goods , can also reduce the size and weight of the body . For electric counterbalanced forklift or electric forklift trucks , the center of gravity or a little overweight cargo load center is not a big problem at the front. I'm talking about a little bit. counter balance truck But for Stacker concerned, because it is electric stacker itself relatively light weight , so if the upgrade may be loading or cargo center migration beyond words , it may cause instability and collapse ! So make working forklift remind you when using forklifts require extra attention. Especially the semi- electric stacker and manual hydraulic stacker . Because the body itself is relatively light weight , also two or three hundred kilograms, if upgrading one ton , and even two tons of cargo , plus center migration , so the risk is too great
forklift rental will become increasingly popular
In addition, as an economic leading indicators , electricity consumption is considered to determine whether the economy is an important benchmark warming . The first quarter of this year , the national electricity consumption increased , though still negative growth, but compared with last year's fourth quarter , a decline narrowed sharply , rising trend appears stabilized , showing current economic pick up signs of stabilization . Along with national 4 trillion investment and ten industrial revitalization plan for the gradual implementation , the majority of domestic and foreign experts believe that: China will be the first one out of the financial crisis adversely affected the country , but this year the domestic truck sales are still difficult to reach 2008 levels . n Ithe "crises " as a "machine" in the process and subsequent years, the domestic forklift industry will present the following trends: First, forklift rental will become increasingly popular. According to the United States, Europe and Asia in Shanghai Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Shi , at present , the domestic truck leasing business less affected , and bears a greater market opportunities. Main reasons : First, a lot of lack of funds they use a forklift leasing business model ; Second, the economic situation of uncertainty in the case companies are more willing to hire trucks instead of buying ; three leasing model is the use of more adaptable and flexible business management , reduce business low season for funds occupied.
With multiple or multi-strand twisted flexible thin wire rope
Chinese Name: Rope Name: wire rope Definition: a rope made of twisted wire. Applied science: Fisheries Science (a subject); fishing school (two subjects) With multiple or multi-strand twisted flexible thin wire rope, wire rope is twisted into shares by the multi-layer, then the cord as the center, by a number of strands twisted into a spiral around the rope. In material handling machinery for improved traction, tensioning and load-bearing purposes. Rope, high strength, light weight, smooth, easy to break suddenly the whole root, reliable work. Structure chuwire Play a role in load bearing rope, the performance is mainly determined by the wire. Carbon steel or alloy steel wire is cold-drawn or cold-formed by a circular (or shaped) wire, high strength and toughness, and according to different environmental conditions for surface treatment of steel.
Electric flatbed transport truck battery works
Flatbed truck battery-powered energy to traction batteries, DC motor drive, with simple operation, easy maintenance, reliable performance, applicable to all industries warehousing and enterprise internal short-distance transport. Comprehensive range of products to meet your requirements old, and design and manufacture of special purpose vehicles.
Electric flatbed transport truck is a way to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy of the moving car, so it is the key to the heart of the car - battery, electric flatbed transport truck life is generally 8 to 12 years, and its battery maintenance in a timely manner, then use life is generally 1-4 years, tend to buy electric flatbed truck transportation is the key to electric flatbed transport truck battery life.
Electric flatbed transport truck battery works:
The internal battery is generally 22 to 28% sulfuric acid. When put electrolyte battery positive electrode plate may be drowned and left little space, if the battery is placed horizontally, then a part of the electrode plate will be exposed to the air, which is very negative electrode plate of the battery, the battery and the general observation hole or have a vent at the top of the battery with the outside world, so the battery electrolyte is easy outflow horizontally. Battery is a battery, its role is limited energy stored up can, in the right places. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy.