the safety performance of the Counter balance Stacker vehicle must also drops. At this point.
Electric forklift if efficiency is higher, and use fixed number of year to reach more than 5 years, easy to malfunction. For example, door frame, safe hidden trouble; Fork lift truck stability decline; Close to or achieve life span, parts, such as forklift noise at work appear (door frame, drive axle, steering axle, the inside of the body, etc.); The brake is not good, there are security hidden danger; The motor sound need to replace the motor bearings; To bad, unsafe; Large parts of forklift operation clearance, shabby Counter electric platform stacker balance Stacker appearance, etc. This is because the forklift electrical part of the normal ageing, mechanical part of the normal wear and tear, resulting in a decline in forklift comprehensive condition and maintenance cost must increase year by year. Every time or the current urgent repair can only solve part of the problem. Plus perennial continuous use of vehicles, the comprehensive status of falling at the same time, the safety performance of the vehicle must also drops. At this point, the safe usage of forklift truck is necessarily customers most concern is also the most worry about a problem, remove such worries platform stacker overhaul work for Counter balance Stacker customers. Below for you to introduce the advantages of electric lift trucks in the overhaul:
1, through the use of overhaul to improve forklift safety, be able to rest assured the use of forklift, avoid unnecessary loss caused by the safe hidden trouble.
2, after repair of vehicle, it can extend the life of the old 30% - 50%. In general, used cars continue to be put into use after overhaul life extension, is very beneficial to the cost control.
3, by combination condition overhaul to improve forklift, and increase the service life of the forklift truck, reduce the frequency of once again to buy a forklift, reduce the cost.
4, by decreasing the ratio of forklift maintenance, overhaul and thus reduce the forklift truck stop time, increase the continuous use time, increase the utilization forklift, forklift use cost. In addition, also reduce the manager's job.
implement the scientific concept of development
"In the joint efforts of the entire industry into the domestic and international markets for industrial products in the production efficiency of the vehicle , operating costs, product life and other key indicators have made great progress, promote and facilitate the development of China's logistics industry ; while by Ann fork, Hangzhou fork and fork as the representative of a large industrial vehicles bulk products into the United States , European Union and Russia , which is the pride of our industry . " China construction Machinery Association Industrial vehicle Branch Secretary Sunn a domestic forklift such an analysis IDM . Not yet out of the financial crisis in the context of the quagmire , forklifts export situation is not optimistic. Faced with this situation , Sunn one from the following four aspects of the Secretary-General put forward their own suggestions: First, implement the scientific concept of development, the pace of development of the industrial vehicle industry and co-ordination with the degree of persistence to maintain organic unity. Specifically, entrepreneurs have the ability and vision should be based on geographical and product creation group , which can form a number of distinctive and size of the group , in order to enhance its ability to resist risks ; into the industrial vehicle sector enterprises should be based industrial vehicles industry characteristics and avoid redundant construction and design , you should sharpen its focus and characteristics of the industrial vehicle industry in depth and breadth , truly come from behind ; some enterprises should be based on rational competition , rational principles of positioning and exit industrial vehicle industry , looking more suitable for the characteristics of their products and industry ; supporting industry efforts to develop industrial vehicles , so that the host and accessories can meet the domestic needs of the logistics industry .
Repair replacement parts ready
to determine repair solutions and repair all impurities intrusion, pipe blockage , even traumatic cause of the malfunction is usually easy to check On wheeled cranes noninvasive phase fault within the shell requires cleaning , lubrication , supplemented, adjusted , tighten the other maintenance that can eliminate the fault . The injury also pick up enterprises to determine fault to determine which parts need to be replaced sail * what needs to be repaired , according to the process and equipment conditions , and to determine the economics of repair parts for repair based on other factors to consider. Repair replacement parts ready , in strict accordance with the reverse order of removal recorded on the assembly process or system restore individual parts assembled one by one until the entire installation. Appropriate in the course of maintenance work simultaneously . For the repaired portion , functional tests should be carried out locally or overall performance test, only confirm the overall performance has met the requirements, the energy delivered. Some wheeled cranes member relative in prison is a very important component , such as arm , frame , slip girders, axle, with luffing rope hoisting , luffing telescopic cylinder and piston rod . From these components, parts , components, damage caused by the failure often result in serious text Buggy put Gang Here, the repair should take extra care of their cup tie .
install the operating room
The bridge crane lifting off the ground 0. 3-0. 5m, after 10min after no abnormality, further shaking bridge crane testing, inspection winches, masts, ropes and anchor cable winds of reliability, all normal , continue lifting. install the operating room The bridge crane lifting off the ground about 2.5m high, setting up the sleepers under the crane heap, so that the crane resting on the sleepers on the heap, and then installed in the operating room on the frame. Zhuangwan cab car after adjusting the position, this position was calculated to determine the mast lifting points on both sides to reach equilibrium. Then leave the sleeper crane helicopter heap a small distance, carefully adjusting the position of the car, make sure to balance again after fixing the car. Check other lifting facilities, safe and reliable confirmation only after the lifting style lifting.