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Hand pallet truck container stacker
Hand pallet truck is a compact and convenient, flexible, carrying capacity, durable goods handling tools, commonly known as " ground beef." In addition to a functional truck consignments outside, in order to facilitate the movements of goods, with the site between the car and the wheel hydraulic device, you can easily push the car into the base under the cargo box, and then use hydraulic pressure to the site increases, hold the goods, you can drag the movement of goods, the destination arrived, the chassis with hydraulic landing, cargo also will fall, you can easily extract van. Eliminating the need for manual handling of complex processes.
When exercising or container stacker no-load speed of electric forklifts
When exercising or no-load speed of electric forklifts, body work means container stacker severe vibration noise is too large; noise when the entire system, the oil temperature to rise too fast.
Forklift excessive noise cause analysis:
First, loose fasteners, such as bolt, screw.
Second, the body guide wheel and the wheel, when badly worn, the gap great.
Third, chain and chain piece pin wear gap is too large.
Fourth, the fork, the fork under the crossbar staples and the gap is too big.
Forklift excessive noise diagnostics and troubleshooting
A first fastening device on the inspection work is loose.
Second, check the guide wheel, the wheel container stacker and the door frame of friction rolling gap is too large. If the gap is too large, generally as long as the re-tighten loose fasteners, the side of the wheel to adjust the clearance requirements, you can eliminate vibration and noise phenomenon.
Third, if the noise is reduced but did not completely disappear, you need to check with fork and fork beams between the gap is too large, too large to be repaired.
Fourth, check the operation of the chain: the chain pitch sheet generally not exceeding 0.15mm, wear of the chain pin sheet shall not exceed 5% of the original diameter. Exceeds the requirements should be re-riveted firmly, chain wear elongation greater than 4% should be replaced.
docks and warehouses for installation of equipment
Elephant Chain Block, Japan's leading process manufacturing, professional and technical level of assurance, the indicators are in line with national standards. After inspection of foreign companies to pay more, agreed that Elephant chain hoists materials and structures are quite superior. Elephant Chain Block Features: Zojirushi high standard load chain, high strength, long life; Shell triangular, structural stability, internal stability components; Precision manufacturing structural components, safety brakes, durable and long-lasting Reasonable design, hand-pull small, with ease of use. Elephant chain hoist, the safety brake. Used in factories, mines, construction sites, wharves, docks and warehouses for installation of equipment, lifting goods, especially for open and no power supply, but also demonstrated the superiority
try adjusting the shooting ground pressure can be changed.
ifferent driving the lower part of the body crawler cranes , truck -type and wheel type mobile cranes and construction and power transmission mode . Crawler cranes , driving framework articles swimming wheel, rear wheel starts with crawler belt pulley volume , start power-driven rear-wheel drive mode , the lower roller frame crawler lane on rolling forward. Crawler , cast or forged steel plate is connected to a combination of ring-shaped things , the installation of assembly- shot bolt connection , ask for a link connecting pavilions integrated . In addition , small crawler cranes are paving the road system in order not to hurt the track using the Qom . Crawler shooting , the width of the narrow and broad something something , try adjusting the shooting ground pressure can be changed. Crawler good about the center , the greater the stability of the distance around the track to increase the distance from the center . Crawler cranes , hydraulic cylinders are driving around the frame extrusion , which can be tracked from the center of a large broadening style . Further , the longitudinal direction of the crawler stability increases, the distance ring and the floating pulley start to expand crawler ground than the standard distance is very long form.