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there should be a certain amount of interference battery operated stacker and indentation depth
the cylinder valve seat is on the (side-mounted valve) or cover (overhead valve), the direct processing of the circular seat hole, play with it and the valve seal. Some wear-resistant alloy cast iron valve seats available for processing into the seat, mounted on the cylinder block or cylinder head.
Valve guide: its role is to guide the valve for proper axial movement, while the heat will be transmitted to the valve stem portion of indirect water jacket. To facilitate repair, replacement, valve guides made separately and then pressed into the cylinder block (or cylinder head). When the valve battery operated stacker guides pressed into the cylinder block (or cylinder head), there should be a certain amount of interference and indentation depth, in order to ensure good heat transfer.Valve spring: its role is to ensure the valve and valve seat seal, and to mitigate and overcome the inertia forces the valve and other transmission parts produced, to prevent damage to normal working gas distribution agencies.Valve lifter: recommend it cam to the valve motion (side-mounted) or pusher (overhead) to control the valve opening and closing.
Valve push rod: The OHV gas distribution mechanism, the tappet arm motion passed. Straight putter is made of hollow steel tubes, welded ends at both ends of different shapes, the upper end of the head is concave spherical, the adjustment screw on the rocker arm ball battery operated stacker head is located where; lower end of the head is a ball head, in order to insert very concave spherical rod bearing.
Rocker: its role is to change the direction of movement of the tappet pass valve. It is an intermediate lever arms of unequal length with a circular hole. The ends of the long arm has an arc-shaped face in contact with the valve tail; ends of the short arm of the screw hole for mounting the adjusting screw and lock nut to adjust valve clearance. Central to the rocker bearings, built with bronze bushings.
the Ministry of Commerce as a support unit of cross-strait economic and trade cooperation in the largest exhibition one will
Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Fair called " haijiaohui " is jointly organized by the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office , CCPIT China Customs, AQSIQ and the Fujian Provincial People's Government , the Ministry of Commerce as a support unit of cross-strait economic and trade cooperation in the largest exhibition one will . Haijiaohui pre-existence was founded in 1994 , " China ( Fuzhou ) International Investment Month" , from 1999 called the SAT haijiaohui , held each year on May 18 in Fuzhou to 22, has been successfully held the first content covering cross-strait cooperation , regional cooperation, commodity trading , project investment, economic and trade seminars, cultural exchange is an important window of cross-strait economic and trade exchanges important platform for Taiwan 's economic and trade policies and a pilot . Haijiaohui is an important platform for cross-strait exchanges and Taiwan 's economic and trade policies pilot , history has created many "firsts" : 2001 haijiaohui signed the historic "two horse agreement ", the first form of "two horses first " pattern ; 2002 haijiaohui signed a supply agreement to the Matsu islands , the mainland for the first time to achieve the Taiwan water Supply ; 2005 haijiaohui realized Taiwan's agricultural products ( 25 kinds of seasonal fruits ) first zero-tariff direct mainland ; 2006 sea intersection and take the lead in expanding access to Taiwan's agricultural tariff type and scope ( an increase of 11 kinds of vegetables , eight kinds of fish ) , and the first implementation of Taiwan residents in the mainland bid for individual businesses ; 2007 haijiaohui the first to start the Fujian coast and Penghu freight direct , Taichung, Taiwan six counties for the first time by the local government to organize a delegation of participants
H-beam X-type chassis frame beams
Cranes and cranes and other off-road tracks, crane operations remain stable inside the body stretched beam is equipped. Frame beams, H shape and X-shaped, almost hydraulic work. In addition, truck cranes video jack reception equipment. Stowage shaped jialso equipped overhanging beams, horizontal sheets of manual and more. Frame beams, overhanging beams box beams overhanging beams, overhanging beams are composed of floating, etc., according to acting hydraulic action, stability and level of the body. Rail cranes, work area (front, side, rear) to raise the performance difference of the body greatly. Rail cranes, sequence rear, side, front and high stability. The total nominal performance front elevation areas, rear and side aspects of the field of load 21%? 54%, in order to become, to raise performance in front of the field, the same person behind the field and raise the jack to the front of the equipment. H-beam X-type chassis frame beams Front Front jack when the jack storage use
the top of the control box cage
the top of the control box cage longThe provisions of GB10055 " cage should have a top overhaul or disassembly using the control box , and has in the case of multiple speeds only allowed to not more than 0.65m / s speeds. At the top of the control box using hoists , the other operating devices are no effect at this time safety device hoists still play a protective role . cage top constant pressure control should be used to operate a button or bistable switches , hoists should be installed on top of non- self- reset trip switch off at any time of the circuit , stopping hoists action . " This is a major lift for the SC -type construction , few companies can meet the five products that section : includes some well-known design units designed products. It does not meet the five requirements , what is wrong with that? Likely due to the installation, maintenance personnel misuse , causing accidents. Hope that the use of units for the construction of the lift control checks carried out , especially the old products do not meet the above requirements should take active measures to transform. long10 , overvoltage , undervoltage , wrong phase protection longOvervoltage , undervoltage, wrong phase protection device is when there is a voltage drop, overvoltage , electrical lines appear out of phase and phase failure, protective devices , construction lifts stop running. Some of the construction site on the lift maintenance personnel , not timely exclude faults caused by over voltage fault phase protection device movement , but the protective device to cancel or short , it does not work, leaving accidents to the device , there are some early the products do not have protection devices, proposals should be equipped . Construction should lift over voltage , phase failure fault protection device case be manned reliable and efficient transport material