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The overall use of high-strength aluminum refining strength due to the high profile
The overall use of high-strength aluminum refining strength due to the high profile, with a beautiful shape, small size, light weight, compact, easy to move, stable lifting platform, easy to operate, safe and reliable, so that high-altitude operations more convenient, can fast, slow walk, adjustable speed, efficiency and security of modern enterprise production ideal aerial equipment. Aluminum can be divided into single-column,battery operated lift stacker two-column aluminum, aluminum three columns and four columns. Features: high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy, with a beautiful shape, small size, light weight, smooth movements, safe and reliable. It is lightweight appearance, can play a maximum lifting capacity in a very small space. Column lift system with load capacity, solid and strong, large platform area, the implementation of convenient features.
plans battery operated lift stacker completed trial production before the end of this year
Asia Aluminum Industrial City, two 400,000 tons of aluminum with a total investment of 4 billion yuan project, the construction area 240,000 square meters, is mainly engaged in deep processing of aluminum products, production of high precision aluminum and aluminum alloy battery operated lift stacker sheet and strip, including cans PS plate, aluminum billet, building curtain wall panels, automotive aluminum box, marine aluminum, aerospace and roll with aluminum strip, etc. the project is progressing well, plans completed trial production before the end of this year. Qin Weidong thank the builders with their hard work in exchange for a high-tech zones to accelerate economic and social development, and hope that they redouble their efforts to build a high-tech zones and make greater contributions; at 2.2 million volt substation and construction of generals Street site, Qin Weidong and control room staff on duty and road battery operated lift stacker workers cordial conversation, asking about their work life situations. Qin Weidong said infrastructure such as electricity and roads are high-tech industrial development zone economic foundation engineering, your work is very important, very grateful to you.
fork and transfer orbit loose connections may cause the gear
Crane automatic transmission gear off the root cause is frequently shift gear in the transmission process because of tooth wear unevenly dip, and axial force is too large, Locking mechanism efficiency, insufficient to withstand large axial force change gear automatic tripping caused. Obstacle is the root cause of rail and gear transmission gear position or gear shift lever between incorrect, or lack of motor coordination. If the shift lever to pull the head deformation or excessive wear (crane pictures), shift interlock device failure, fork and transfer orbit loose connections may cause the gear. Difficult to remove the shift because of illness, drive rails bending or impurities resistance movement difficulties; improper interlock adjustment; clutch is not clear; locked or ball, not working and so would hinder the movement of interlocking difficult to move. As long as the specific reasons for the failure to detect and take appropriate measures to repair, it is difficult to exclude.
Hydraulic cranes and other off-road truck cranes and boom , boom box- type structure strength
box structure cantilever ( telescopic boom ) Hydraulic cranes and other off-road battery operated lift stacker cranes and boom , boom box- type structure strength . To use. Internal cantilever , hydraulic cylinders and cantilever retractable cable Luo - group or chain to have a combination of telescopic mechanism . Cantilever retractable cable Luo - group or chain with something , retractable telescopic boom cylinder use , so that after the boom is telescopic . Typically , 2 ? 6 section telescopic hydraulic , 2 , 3 , 4 and sequential turn retractable telescopic manner scalable layers while simultaneously stretching mode . In addition, the simple way retractable pin mechanism sky . Simple sky pin mechanism , usually in different ways , a book each sliding inside a hydraulic cylinder cantilever boom fixing pin , while the telescopic boom so that the lock sequence method . Most of the box structure cantilever , the cantilever tip of the cantilever is extended. Grants can arm mounting . Auxiliary boom installed , orientation and subsidies if the mounting angle boom boom boom of less than 45 lu is necessary . Raise performance, and subsidies boom boom tilt angle mounting angle separately. Link cantilever equipped with a coarse stuff , subsidies cantilever mounting angle (tilt angle ) and the longitudinal direction of the cantilever within 5 ~ 45 lu hydraulic cylinders , etc. can be set freely .