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gentle sand, which is battery electric stacker
Clutch noise abnormal sound due to abnormal friction and shock generated in some parts, depending on the site conditions and sounds, resulting in generation of abnormal sound.
Clutch often abnormal sound crisp, ringing, noise and other noise-driven release bearing pressure plate.
When a bearing ring, clutch release bearing stiffness push or pull, hear the sound crane video, gentle sand, which is bearing ring, and more for the separation caused by bearing wear or looseness. If the sound is great, when wow, wow, totally independent of the clutch of sound (even chaotic celebration of sound), release bearing damage or excessive wear due to lack of oil.
2 ring has driven disc clutch noise when beating his rigid joints, moderate battery electric stacker genetic algorithms in near complete isolation or idle throttle changes, clutch evening noise crane picture, it may be the clutch plate and hub riveting loose or follower plate and clutch shaft (or clutch hub) loosely splined connection, the sound part of the impact speed and the torque variation generated. Platen pressure plate 3 driver disk clutch engagement ring and ring often, due to changes in the circumference of the swing and the drive shaft of the drive plate and loose clutch or idle speed, the drive plate issued Gala, Gala sound.
press -proof battery operated lift stacke carrying depicted prohibit overloading
Explosion-proof truck as a special industrial vehicle storage , which primary care body vans and explosion-proof electric car , the industrial use is very large. 1 , a non- highway vehicle truck explosion , do not travel on the highway. 2, pre -proof truck driving, pre- set voltage readings check , brake system and whether the normal direction . 3, before launching truck explosion , first travel / retreat switch in the neutral position, and then turn the key switch , pick a good selection of high side switch , release the parking brake , accelerate smoothly depress the pedal ( fast depresses ban accelerate pedal ) , the car can travel . 4 , press -proof truck carrying depicted prohibit overloading , to avoid the formation of motors, controllers , contactors and other electronic equipment damage. 5 , before the parking brake control must be put exactly , moving in the forbidden band travels in the name of damage brakes, motors and controllers.
In addition, due to the battery electric stacker wire rope buckle fracture caused by such accidents are very common
In addition, due to the battery electric stacker wire rope buckle fracture caused by such accidents are very common. Lifting with Shengkou rope buckle fracture mainly because inappropriate choice of specification , causing the safety factor is small ; Shengkou angle caused by too much or lifting its tension exceeds its limit and breaking pull off ; or rope buckle with heavy angular plus gasket between unprotected edges cut the rope caused by heavy buckle . Hoisting rope breaking caused mainly due mostly lifting angle is too large (> 120 lu) so that the tensile strength exceeds the limit while hoisting rope to pull off . Hanging crane fall accident occurs mainly in the lifting mechanism extract winding system , in addition to rope off , decoupling, off the ropes and off the hook , but each hoisting rope is fixed at both ends is also very important , such as safety rope on the drum circle number is guaranteed over three laps , rope wedge plate fixed or fixed structure on the reel is safe reasonable. Another rope off the tank, off the wheel accidents also cause loss accident.
the greater the stability of the battery electric stacker distance around
Crawler shooting , the width of the narrow and broad something something , try adjusting the shooting ground pressure can be changed. Crawler good about the center , the greater the stability of the battery electric stacker distance around the track to increase the distance from the center . Crawler cranes , hydraulic cylinders are driving around the frame extrusion , which can be tracked from the center of a large broadening style . Further , the longitudinal direction of the crawler stability increases, the distance ring and the floating pulley start to expand crawler ground than the standard distance is very long form. Railway crane trolley The lower part of the body of railway crane driving , driving on the track for the wheels of equipment. General generators running , you can enjoy high-speed march . When using a crane , rail clamps and overhanging beams steady increase structure.Taiwanese boat floating crane Driving the lower body floating crane , crane loaded the ability to fit buoyancy box sets boat ( float ) use. Buoyancy capacity crane is suitable , on the quiet waters of the rated load is equivalent to a state of suspended loads , falling edge freeboard 0.3 m or more, but must be specified.