according to the different forklift power plant can be divided into
Forklift is one of the transport vehicles is now commonly used , is a member of various wheeled pallet cargo handling vehicles loading and unloading , stacking and short- distance transport , heavy transport operations. Widely used in ports , railway stations , airports , garages, factory workshops, warehouses , distribution centers and distribution centers, and access to the cabin , loading and unloading , cargo handling operations inside the compartment trays and containers are pallet transport, container transport indispensable less equipment. With the economic development of logistics , in order to meet the needs of more logistics operations , the type of truck is not a single , here to tell you about several types of forklifts : 1, according to the different forklift power plant can be divided into : ( 1 ) Battery ( battery ) forklift ( 2 ) internal combustion forklifts. Internal combustion engine forklift divided into two gasoline and diesel engines . Combustion forklifts drive way into mechanical transmission , hydraulic mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission three. 2, depending on the position of the fork can be divided into : ( 1 ) straight fork truck . It is used more forklift type. Straight Fork , also known as straight counterbalanced fork , fork mounted on its front part of the truck . Since the front wheel fork extends beyond the axis , in order to balance the overturning moment produced by the mass of the goods , the rear of the truck with the counterweight in order to maintain the stability of the forklift . ( 2 ) side of the fork truck . It 's mounted on the truck side of the fork .
It is the most convenient means of transport pallets
That truck transporting goods from the role of material handling equipment . Truck according to different power systems can be divided into : manual and electric pallet truck van . Hand pallet trucks in the use of its bearer pallet fork insertion holes from the ability to drive the hydraulic system to achieve cargo tray lifting and lowering , pulling completed by human handling operations . It is the most convenient means of transport pallets , most effective, the most common loading and unloading , handling tools. Increase in all-electric cargo truck fell on the same principle and semi- electric cars, except that all- electric cars are using electric control all operating systems without human operation , is a relatively time-saving handling tools . Electric cars in the logistics of economic development, played an important role . Greatly improving the operating efficiency , as we introduce the following electric truck maintenance considerations : An electric van voltmeter is within range , when the low battery should be promptly charged , to prevent battery depletion , affecting battery life. 2 , keep the environment clean and charge electric cars while charging , ventilation, and battery charging equipment must be isolated , smoking. 3, the electric truck driving, testing electromagnetic brake is easy to use . 4, check the electric cars that the structural crack on whether screws are loose , with or without oil leakage. 5 , electric cars charging process, pay attention to check and adjust the proportion of the electrolyte and fluid levels, to ensure the quality of the charge . 6 , always pay attention to check the electric truck load-bearing wheels, balance wheel and drive wheel wear and should be replaced.
three leasing model is the use of more adaptable and flexible business management
First, forklift rental will become increasingly popular. According to the United States, Europe and Asia in Shanghai Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Shi , at present , the domestic truck leasing business less affected , and bears a greater market opportunities. Main reasons : First, a lot of lack of funds they use a forklift leasing business model ; Second, the economic situation of uncertainty in the case companies are more willing to hire trucks instead of buying ; three leasing model is the use of more adaptable and flexible business management , reduce business low season for funds occupied. Second , the major domestic production of internal combustion forklifts and hand truck will have a greater change in the situation , there will be more enterprises engaged in the production of electric forklifts . Being " upgrade " of Connaught is one of the representatives. It is reported that one-third of total global Connaught market share hand pallet trucks each priced at about 1,000 yuan, while the raw materials consumed electric truck though only about 2 manual car, but with independent core technology can sell 2 to 3 million . Connaught chairman Ding Yi said that in 2009 , Connaught will bid farewell to manual hydraulic car-based " conquer the world " of history , shift to all-electric products , forklifts mainly of new storage equipment manufacturers professional enterprise.
Failure Analysis is based to determine what caused the failure of the parts
This article explains wheeled crane repair work , from understanding the phenomenon , determine the cause talk , to determine a repair solution has been ( A ) failure to understand the phenomenon Crane parts during operation partner suddenly suddenly invaded or mountain now crawling , vibration, abnormal temperature rise and smoke , smell, sound, meter pointer jump swing , oil spills, leaks , leaking , leakage , control failure , etc., called Zhao fan malfunction. When the crane when a fault occurs , some phenomena can clearly be observed , and some hidden imperceptible . Maintenance and inspection must be carefully observed in order to find the real source of it down . Two ) analyze the cause Yi Gu array of phenomena as the basis, in accordance with the rules and guns corporate failure by practical experience, control apricot find relevant information , list of similar phenomena whose failure may occur for various reasons , sub- Xin structure and [ : operating principles , discussed to determine the real cause of the malfunction . ( Three ) to determine demolition site Failure Analysis is based to determine what caused the failure of the parts, and the parts of the system to determine the demolition inspection of the site. ( Four ) demolition inspection For determining the dismantling of the site, shall give rise to the possibility of failure , to determine the sequence of disassembly Unloading operations, except in compliance with - ' suits mechanical disassembly required outside, but also pay attention to the following questions: 1 Preparation for traveling to run dry stable frame bracket pad Zhao , prohibited the use of leg support frame. 2 . Standby system at ten non-working state Yi closed engine , release the hydraulic system and pneumatic system 44 residual Osteoform . In order to avoid injury. 3 . Reasonable profit and loading one hundred rejection Tools Clarify the demolition pits pieces or parts of the quality of the parts for the soft heavy lifting equipment should use reliable auxiliary operations. Reduce labor intensity is also conducive to human , machine safety . Cong on the need to use special removable parts and components , use the specified tools for repairs. Assembly demanding and difficult technical conditions disintegration devices shall be dismantled into a complete unit. ( Five ) to determine the cause category Big crane wheel failure can be divided into two categories original N , one is mechanical damage , and the other connected to relaxation , the gap increases. For the damage of the former , the latter kind of non -invasive that while " some non- invasive cause of the malfunction is difficult Jin Ming , must be carefully analyzed .