Liftstar is not well known in market, because it's history is mainly producing for other brand names.

But, Liftstar is not a new comer, we have already supplied more than 100,000 units of electric pallet trucks and electric stackers to USA, EU, China, South East Asia and other market, during passed 15 years, we are the top 1 producer of electric warehouse equipment in China.

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1983, Liftstar was founded to produce Pallet Trucks, it was one of the earliest Material Handling Equipment producers in China. Between 1983 and 1996, Liftstar produced Pallet Trucks for Clark, Hyster, Yale, JET, TVH, CAN….. We built a global presence with top brands.
1996-2009, Liftstar focused on producing Electric Pallet Trucks and Electric Stackers, built in OEM partnerships with Clark, Bigjoe, Bluegiant in North America, TCM, Nichiyu from Japan, TVH, Atlet, OMG from EU, Soosung from Korea.

Most Chinese forklift brand names are cooperating with Liftstar on the electric pallet trucks and stacker.
Liftstar started to equip Electric Power Steering and AC motor drive on Electric Pallet Trucks and Electric Stackers, receiving great acceptance in the market, Liftstar offers dealers easy selling and profitable products that become popular in markets quickly!
In 2012, Liftstar produced 12,000 units of Electric Pallet Trucks and Electric Stackers.
To be improved and different from others, most of our models are standard equipped with Electric Power Steering

Standard Equipped Electric Power steering makes Liftstar and our dealers to be different from competitors, the final users really likes the power steering especially when they operate the trucks. The only one in the market, usually it means much easier selling.
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Very competitive price.

Liftstar offer even lower price than competitors, even with Electric Power Steering, we are always ready to help our partners to open the market and grow into a big presence in their market area.
Reliable Quality, which is the base for any long term business.

1) Any high quality products, high lifting stacker are based on long time experience, Liftstar began producing in 1983.

2) Liftstar machines the frames after welding, different from most producers, this ensures long life of all trucks, Liftstar products are build to last!
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3)All electronic parts are tested for 48 hours before assembly.
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Innovations and Technology

1) The FIRST in this industry to have MoonWalk Design, which is very useful when products are operated in narrow space.
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2) Corner creeping mode design on rider pallet trucks for increased safety.
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We prepare a lot of videos to make the service easier and quicker, to make your job easier, videos include 1)Trouble shooting 2)Testing 3)Dismantle and re-assembly of the possible damaged parts.

We try to help our partners to make service quicker, easier and help to reduce their labor cost, most of the time we can help our dealers to reduce 50% of their service cost. (Two videos sample)
We prepare special tools for our engineers

Liftstar provides special tools suitable for machine maintenance and repair to distributors, including repair tooling , component removal tooling and packing & unpacking tools, etc.

For most of the possible quality problems, the service people can resolve the problem in 10 minutes after training.
Easier selling means more sales volume, as we explained above.
Easy Service help to reduce 50% labor cost, saving is to make money.
Reliable quality is the base for long term business success.
Large Quantity of inventory for trucks and parts, ensure 7 to15 days delivery time.
Good payment term, to share pressure with partners.
Large investment on marketing, to enhance Liftstar brand name in the market, upgrade step by step.
Large market space, a lot of room to grow!
Increasing product line, from economic model to middle product line to high level product line, we offer our partners weapon of economic model to open the market, to have a good profit level and a increasing business in long term!